girls (1 of 1)-2Something has to be said for days, all day at home.  No round the neighborhood errands, park runs, mail box walks included.  Just all day at la casa de Rasmussen.  It’s everything you would expect, we have our moments with sharing issues, attitudes, and cries but most the time it’s the most rewarding thing that can happen in a week.  Being able to scoop Wren and hold her a little longer, little tighter, encouraging Evie to share her imaginative ways with me and let the house get as messy as we want doing so.  Their lingering smile or an extra thoughtful moment between the three of us trump anything else that could possibly happen that day or the next.  These are pics from earlier this past spring when Steve was still in school.  It’s been a busy summer, and we have been blessed with having daddy home this whole time, but when Steve goes back to work, I am so looking forward to this time with the girls again.  Just the three of us.

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girls (1 of 1)“Kiddorinies” was the way my Grandpa Orozco would refer to me and my four sisters when we were little. With his strong Spanish accent, and a light comedic tone, he would often giggle to himself after using this term of endearment he coined.  My favorite usage was when we were vacationing on the beach.  We would be 18 inches to 2 feet in the water and he would say, “Kiddorinies, come back, the sharks will get you.  I will take you to McDonald’s if you come closer”.  I will not deny that sometimes we would wade out a little further than usual, just to ensure our lunch plans.


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