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A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-3Frances, http://www.francesvintage.com/, a central Phoenix one-stop shop for decor, accessories, Indie Designer clothing, baby gifts, games, locally made jewelry, and Phoenician mementos.  This eclectically inspired boutique, located right off of Central and Camelback, has been critically acclaimed and has been named “Best of Phoenix” since opening its doors in 2006.  Georgeanne Bryant and her crew are vignette wizards and make each small space seem like its own separate shop.  I have undoubtedly stood for up to ten minutes at a time looking at the same two square feet. of  carefully curated trinkets and artistry; wandered around and then came back to look again, always finding something new.  Not only does Frances showcase amazing finds throughout their store but they host workshops as well, i.e. making buttons, flower arranging, Holiday workshops, blogshops etc.  They also host food trucks in their parking lot and put on an amazing Crafeteria show in the fall, featuring  the best hand picked local talent, to sell and share their designs.  A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-4

A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-16 Their jewelry showcasing will definitely stop anyone in their tracks.  And their range of pricing and style makes it easy to accumulate gifts, and hard to not splurge yourself!

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A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-13 I have purchased several of the Hello brand tops from their store. Comfiest tees I own!

A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-14Perfection.

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A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-8Before I had Evie, I would occasionally stop by and puchase a baby item for my “someday baby” stash.  My favorite baby items purchased have been an Orla Kiely diaper bag, Spaceman receiving blanket and a fairy blabla doll.

Frances (1 of 1)Baby Toms, so hard to resist (they carry them in every size, baby through adult, men and women)!

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A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-11Those latte bowls…

A Beautiful Mess Edited Photos (1 of 1)-12Frances gives it’s shoppers a sweet whimsy nostalgia, the kind you never had but wished you did.  The feeling of an inspirational aesthetic but without pomp or circumstance, that makes you linger to admire the patina of a plate, to take in the intoxicating scent of a locally made wax candle, to comb over a lace vintage dress, to attentively listen in as a Frances employee sincerely and expertly educates a customer on the unique beauty of any singular item.  It’s safe to say that I share Frances with everyone I can; visiting guests, family, friends and Phoenix natives who haven’t yet had the pleasure. She’s ever the perfect hostess.


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