A Mermaid Birthday Party

Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-33This gorgeous Mermaid party was another collaboration with Amber from The Amber Image for her darling daughter Clover.  Amber and I have very similar visions when it comes to decor and a great party and we are so excited with how everything turned out!  One of my favorite installs was my custom made jellyfish.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-21The main inspiration for the table was imagining that you had happened upon a Mermaid cove with all of her treasures.  I started with creating this backdrop that adds just a hint that this is actually Ariel’s cove.  🙂  I made a subtle ombre painted backdrop and a large dimensional Ariel fin and hair that would assume she was swimming by. Laying multiple layers of soft teal fabric and sequins, rope, and netting help set the stage for the beautiful cupcakes, cake and fine special details.

Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-56These cupcakes by Ryan of Custom Cakes by Ryan were so gorgeous with the pearls, white seashells and purple icing carrying through our color theme.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-9

Dinglehoppers served these yummy meatballs on a plate of crushed crackers.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-13Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-16This gorgeous cake was really the perfect “treasure” to find in the grotto.  Ryan outdid himself with this coral candy topper.  I layered jewels, necklaces and a special mermaid crown I created for Clover.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-14Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-8Amber put together all of the food.  Aren’t these watermelon starfish just the cutest?Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-19Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-38A mermaid’s tia put together with shells, sequins, plant life and starfish.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-27Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-37Handcrafted sea urchins gave bright pops of color to the space and dimension.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-6And of course more sequins!!!! 😉  This under the sea party wouldn’t be complete without mermaid punch and sequin covered anchors.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-5Mermaids tails, starfish and shell custom cookies on a bed of cookie crumbs.  Thank you SheyB for your beautiful creations!Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-66The utterly adorable birthday girl!  Love her zest for life and sweet nature!Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-57Love that mermaid spunk!  Ariel would be so proud!Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-40Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-45Amber made these adorable telescopes for party favors, and starfish clips along with my sequin starfish and mermaid tails headbands.Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-42Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-41Using a blue tablecloth, purple sequin fabric, balloons as bubbles and paper streams as seaweed, we created a under the sea bubble photo booth, along with 2 bubble machines!!!Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-72Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-81Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-103Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-88Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-95Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-178Clover_turns 6_Ariel Party_June2015-195Loved helping to plan, create custom pieces and installations and execute this party.  Most of all loved that the birthday girl and her guests had a swimmingly perfect time!

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