>>Modern Superhero Birthday Party>>

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-42The most “Marveloust” Superhero event around, this power-punched party was in honor of brothers Phoenix and Decker.  It was so much fun to style and collaborate with Amber from The Amber Image on her sons’ big day!  Amber had asked for a more modern take on the superhero with an emphasis on The Avengers and comics.  Using that thought, I created a bold modern color scheme with clean design features.  The original “Kaboom” piece I created really set the stage and background for the birthday snack table.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-2Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-22The white brick backdrop emphasized the comic dots, patterns and bold colors.  Custom Anvenger tassels on the giant white balloons helped carry the theme.  Homemade buildings created from black chalk bags created a “skyline” for the table.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-47Sophie from Party Bash Creations designed the custom donut toppers.  One for each boy and a single avenger topper for the donut cake tower.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-4Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-3Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-14 These smashingly tasty custom cookies, were created by Chree from Sweets by Chree.  Aren’t they amazing?

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-45Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-51The superhero party-goers refueled with comic cone chex mix “super snacks”, “pop” corn and caped water bottles.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-23Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-52Dana from Baby Binkz supplied Avenger mask toppers for our “super snacks” and POW, they were perfect!

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-21Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-53Amber’s husband Mike donned his own super suit to commemorate this birthday league of Heros!

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-60Phoenix and Decker’s sister Clover enjoying a Super Snack.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-28A personalized cape and mask were created for every super attending.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-29Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-31 Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-35Once the team assembled, it was time to enter the “Fly Zone” trampoline and practice their moves.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-34Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-124Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-75 Photobooth time!

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-62The birthday boys with Superhero dad.

Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-77Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-88Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-94Phx4Decker1_Superhero Bdayparty_20150111-118That fist pump says it all.




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