A Letter to my Fellow Women…

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It’s hard.  Life.  It’s great too.  It’s everything you think that it shouldn’t be and everything that you put into it and hope it will be. It’s lead by influences, both good and bad.  It’s determined by your views, your beliefs, your attitudes, the era, politics, world views, regions, societies, health, family etc…

I am often baffled as to the reason, why now.  Why my family, friends, my circumstances in life, some chosen by me, others inherited from birth, why are they meant FOR me.  Specifically.  The reason why I was destined for this time to live my life, now.  The gifts that I have been given by others to help mold me and the way I have either abused them or accepted and learned from them to create who I am now in this moment.  And I can use that to influence my time here.  With all of you.  All of us that have been chosen to live this time, with one another.

When I walk through the grocery store, I often look from one stranger’s face to another, wondering why I am supposed to influence/not influence/be influenced by others around me? These people who have not chosen to live this life at this time but are nonetheless here.

But, we are all here together. Meant to live with each other.  Meant to figure out how to live with one another.

I know what my faith has taught me and what I believe.  I believe I need to live this life I have been given at this time, with all of you, with and for God.

To first accept love and then influence with love.  It is truly only when I can accept love from my Heavenly Father, my family, friends can I reciprocate that love.

As someone who is incredibly anxious and self-deprecating, this seems almost unattainable on a daily basis.  It’s painful; allowing myself to come off my high-horse of apprehension and crutch of worry.  Being bottled by vain comparison from myself or from others.  I complain, I gossip and feel exhilarated and awful all in the same moment while doing it.

For all the grievances I project on myself and others, validated or not, I apologize.  This will always be a struggle.  Knowing that I will never fully overcome these things, just for the fact that I am a human and a sinner is painful.

Amidst this constant struggle of letting go, learning to accept love, and loving in return, I am here.  In this place with you.  We learn about love on the daily, together.

This is the position, in which I would like to share these words with you…

I love you.  I am loved by my maker and in return, on the daily, I will love you.

I want to live in a community of women where we don’t try to outdo each other with determining who has the most heartbreaking or difficult situation.  Life is hard enough without comparing our misgivings/grievances and sorrows.  Or feigning the perfect life.  Or determining the hardest working individual.

I implore to you, the value of your friend, your sister, mother, acquaintance, stranger, as a singular woman.  To admire, appreciate and encourage them.  Not to view their status as a comparison to your own, but to embrace them as they are and humbly allow them to embrace you for who you are.

We are in this together now and setting the precedent for our daughters and generations in blood and spirit.

Will you join me in this journey to accept love and show love?


Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. – Colossions 3:14


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